We extend an invitation to students, families and friends of Springbank College to attend our Astronomy Night on 4 September 2019, 6:30pm – 8:30pm; an evening which will see Saturn, Jupiter and our Moon in perfect visibility from Adelaide.

Following the success of our year 9 – 10 interdisciplinary studies of the Moon and Mars this opportunity to stare into our night sky with several powerful celestial telescopes shouldn’t be missed.

Guests Dr Mark Bishop from the 'Planetary Science Institute' and Dr Patrick Newman will introduce astronomy to you as we guide you through the night sky.

Our moon will be 60 degrees from the horizon (one third of the way through the sky from zenith to horizon) and will be in its 'first quarter' phase;  one of the best phases for viewing details of the lunar surface.

Weather permitting this will be another enjoyable eye opening event on our calendar and sure to leave you fascinated by what lies deeper in outer space.

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