CO2 Dragsters race off

Weeks of preparation by our inventive Unit students came to a head as they raced their CO2 dragster creations against each other in the basketball stadium on Friday 15th March. With a small gathering of their peers invited to cheer from the spectator seating the race was in full swing from the first CO2 accelerated drag race to the last. The sudden woosh of gas caught a few by surprise as the cars lept from the starting gate making their way down the 20 metres straight in only a few short seconds before coming to a sudden but cushioned halt.

Hayley's pencil car and Lisa's pink dragster were a tough combination setting the benchmark for aerodynamic design and sleek profile for future challengers. In the end Lisa's pink dragster managed to come out on top as the overall winner while Hayley's very creative pencil idea won best design.

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