Harmony Day 2019

A Harmony Day tradition that began at our school in the early 2000s was again uniquely celebrated on Tuesday 19th March and what a great success it was again this year.

The perfect synergy of harmony and sport came together beautifully in a day full of colour, energy and inclusiveness as students gathered to celebrate cultural and social diversity.

Since its inception, the main message of this day is “Everyone Belongs,” and this was displayed in abundance as each student, despite cultural background, personal ability or age was given an opportunity to showcase themselves as the unique and exceptional person they are by sharing in a range of sports with their friends and peers.

While athletics is a mainstay of any sports day, Springbank prides itself on hosting activities that allow for inclusiveness, cooperation and relationship building. Our very popular Wheelchair Basketball is always something to look forward to; adding Dodgeball into the program only made for an even more exciting day. The weather was kind to us as all three courts of the stadium were utilised for the day’s activities, including the Tower Art Centre for theatre sports and our oval for sprints and relays.

Our Springbank Café opened its doors for recess and the food on offer prepared by our senior school students was impressive. Vegie salad, quiche, fruit salad, and muffins are only a few delicious foods available for purchase, all to be washed down with a cool drink.

Harmony Helper recognition points were given to students who displayed respectful, caring and encouraging values toward their peers and staff. Over 40 students gained one or more nominations for these amazing qualities, many of which feature in our gallery of photos below.
Purple may have come out on top in points given for attendance, dress, harmony helping and game scores, but harmony was certainly the winner.

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