MAD Night

An eruption of sound marked the arrival of Springbank’s first MAD night for 2019 with a ‘Spicks and Specks’ percussion routine standing front and centre on the Tower Art Centre stage, followed by an invitation into the home of a flustered and well-intentioned bride’s mother Colleen Bacon (played by Liam) and fragile bride Meg Bacon (played by Maddison) in the senior school drama presentation of ‘Secret Bridemaid’s Business’.

Guests enjoyed a 15 minute intermission inspecting student artwork in the foyer while sampling the delectable food on offer in the kiosk, before entering the theatre to be entertained with two songs (Wild Thing and The House of the Rising Sun) performed by ‘The Comrats’ in their very first live stage performance.

Our Disability Unit students impressed the audience with a drama presentation of ‘Mr Moon-Face Experiences the Dark Side’, a tale of Ben and Joe visiting their friends Mr Moon-Face, Silky, Mr Watzisname and Saucepan Man in the Faraway Tree, before a poem recital by Scarlet, the year 8 play ‘The Chair’ and a reading of an ‘i’ for alliteration to round out the evening.

Students are congratulated for a wonderful effort in all areas of the 'Arts' curriculum, capturing the Springbank Secondary College MAD (Music, Art and Drama) identity.

2019 MAD1 016a.jpg
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