Bridging the gap

Year 8 students are actively involved in their final STEAM task of term 2 by investigating, planning and designing bridges in readiness for our Springbank bridge expo on Friday 5 July.

After forming an original hypothesis regarding the strength of two and three dimensional shapes, students are now in the testing phase of building models and exposing them to surprisingly large amounts of weight.

It has been impressive to see how our young engineers have experimented with several means of testing of their 3D creations, as this testing, along with the model development, is a key component of the investigation they are challenged to resolve.

The next objective is bringing this acquired knowledge together to construct an actual bridge that will serve the purpose of carrying a weight load proportional to the purpose to which it was designed (vehicle traffic, foot traffic etc.).

It goes without saying that everyone is excited to see the results and have the student’s findings on display for our bridges expo Friday next week.

2019 Yr 8 Bridges029.jpg
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