Astronomy Night

A good crowd turned out for our first SSC Astronomy Night on Wednesday despite some cloud cover delaying our view of the night sky for a portion of the evening. Guests were not discouraged, however, as they gathered on the oval to learn about telescopes from Mr James Tilly and the celestial sky from Dr Patrick Newman, before the sky cleared at 8pm to reveal the beautiful cosmos above.

Students took delight in leading guests to Astronomy Night Central to view their learning displayed throughout the room and corridors, while also being encouraged to purchase an evening snack and enter the SRC fundraising raffle.

Dr. Mark Bishop, Marcia Tanner and Dr. Patrick Newman shared the stories that led them to develop careers in the relevant fields of astronomy and rocket science. The students were congratulated for their dedication to the success of the evening and how proudly they represented their studies at Springbank.

A special thank you to teachers Kerry-Anne Grace and James Tilly for their terrific leadership and supply of telescopes that made the evening a great success.

 Remember: “Look up once in a while, it’s free!”

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