Belonging at Breakfast Club

I’m reminded of a phrase used by a youth worker many years ago “Belong before you Believe” and it captures the essence of Springbank Secondary Breakfast Club perfectly. Feel a place to belong; friends to belong to and a safe friendly place to stay, and you are more likely to believe in your own personal meaning and value as a consequence.

The Breakfast Club here at Springbank offers students not only a place to grab a bite to eat, but also a place where students can connect and hang out with other students. The program is supported by Kickstart for Kids and has been a regular part of school life here at Springbank for many years.

Pastoral Support Worker, Belinda; Student Mentor, Paul Howlett; along with members of the Food and Hospitality department, all take turns in cooking up something yummy for the students on a weekly basis. It is a terrific program bringing along with it a sense of belonging and community within the Springbank family.

Springbank Secondary College in collaboration with Kickstart for Kids are helping to bring positive self-worth along with a positively full belly to build the learning potential of our students.

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