Arbor Day gift

In celebration of World Arbor Day, the City of Mitcham Council has kindly donated five Australian native trees to Springbank Secondary College to plant on the school grounds with the view to expanding Mitcham’s tree canopy. The community is encouraged to commemorate the day by planting trees on Tuesday 1 September to raise awareness of the importance of their role as the environmental lungs of our planet.

Springbank students are joining the cause, coming together to bring life, food, shelter and protection for native wildlife by planting a selection of trees including Bottlebrush hakea, Gungurru, Red flowered mallee, Book-leaf  mallee, Golden stalk banksia and Weeping pittosporum.

We are very excited to receive this generous gift as we continue to educate our students regarding the importance of local, national and global concerns for our precious environment.

Tree win 003.jpg
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