Keeping kites aloft

I'm guessing we've all flown a kite sometime in our lives? Maybe even gazed skyward once in a while to admire or even critique the properties unique to particular kites we see. Can I ask though, what makes a good kite? Many of us could probably spot a good kite when we see it; light material, large wing span, tail, diamond or box shape construction. Surely it can't be too complicated to work out?

Well, there are a number of interesting scientific laws that do need to be considered, and SSC students are investigating and ultimately designing their own kites with these laws in mind.

"What are they?" you ask. The 4 laws of force, commonly referred to as aerodynamics are lift, drag, weight and thrust. In simple terms: Lift keeps the kite airborne, drag hold the kite back, weight is the force of gravity pulling the kite back to the ground and thrust is the poor legs of the student running like mad to propel the kite forward.

Stay tuned for the results of SSC student innovation as they research and build their own kite creation, and the next time you see a kite flying high above, think about the 4 laws our students are investigating with Mrs Thurlow and Ms Markey to keep it up there.


Kite 4 laws 004.jpg
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