Fun Run to help end homelessness

The Casual Day Fun Run, run by students today, was a community awareness campaign to educate and fundraise in order to help end homelessness.
The circumstances that lead to homelessness are many and varied, but where there is a strong heart at Springbank Secondary beating for humanity, there is a chance that someone experiencing such a shadow will finally find a way to turn their life around.
Students ran, walked, rolled, skipped and danced around the school oval in a unified fundraiser, either through a single donation or by way of sponsorship for each lap.
The event was held during the Pathways to Success (P2S) lesson with many students reaching 5-6 kilometres in the 50-minute timeslot. Thank you to the students who organized and managed the event, along with the entire student body who participated. Springbank Secondary College has a proud emphasis on community mindedness in the social development of our students, forming a backbone of social consciousness as they move through their education into adulthood.
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