Bridge engineering

Bridge testing in September was simply a forerunner to the year 8 bridge builders main event held last week in the technology studies department. If you weren’t already impressed by the learning back then, you will most certainly be in awe of the outcome after many weeks of engineering with Mr. Schueler and Mr. Hook; putting the E in STEAM.

The aim: to build a bridge structure to span the distance of 1 metre, testing for cost efficiency and load bearing capabilities. Each team had to consider the cost of the materials (popsticks, skewers and glue) while including labour used to construct a bridge using the basic principles and techniques found in bridge structures throughout the world (truss, cable stay, tied arch, suspension, cantilever, arch and beam). You will agree the results are quite impressive.

Stay tuned as Springbank launches its video platform demonstrating this wonderful example of student learning.

2020 Yr 8 Bridges 002.jpg
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