I thought you'd never get here!

Senior Springbank Secondary drama students were challenged by teacher Natasha Grundy with an improvisation task having to develop a short 2-minute skit to a rather ambiguous one-page script. Titled ‘I thought you’d never get here!’ student imagination ran wild as they quickly discussed in small groups their ideas and performed themes such as first responders to an accident scene, a night club, operating theatre and a wedding crash.

Springbank Secondary College encourages its students to find -s t r e t c h- in their learning, and drama provides the means to grow, build confidence and resilience as they work in the safety of an inclusive and peer supported environment.

S t r e t c h : Aiming for and actively seek out feedback to reach a standard, and have the tools to move their own learning forward by using this feedback to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.

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