A new uniform is being prepared for SSC students and can be viewed in the pdf document below.

The Springbank Secondary College Governing Council is keen to promote a sense of pride and positive image in the local community.  As such the Governing Council is in the process of approving a new uniform that is appropriate for a school environment. This will be a year of transitioning to the new uniform.

• Pasadena High School has a school uniform.  The Governing Council has established a uniform policy that is documented in the school diary.

Uniform can be purchased from Devon Clothing which is located at 84 Daws Road, Edwardstown or online through the Devon online shop.

• The new uniform for Springbank Secondary College will be available for purchase in term 2 this year. Students can wear the current Pasadena High School uniform until mid-2020 or as negotiated. In term 1 only, a plain navy blue polo top will be accepted as appropriate uniform for new students.
• To support transition to the new uniform, Springbank Secondary College will finance a new polo top via a voucher and pre-order process in term 1.

It is a school requirement for all students to wear the regulation Pasadena High School uniform or the newly designed Springbank Secondary College uniform as soon as it is available. The uniform policy has been determined by the Governing Council in consultation with the parents/carers, staff and students of the school.

The Pasadena High School uniform (still acceptable as uniform this year) includes:
• Pasadena High School polo shirt – must be worn each day until the new SSC uniform is available
• Approved Pasadena High School tartan skirt or plain navy skirt
• Plain navy blue shorts or pants (not jeans or leggings or jeggings)
• A plain white shirt with the school tie
• Approved Pasadena High School windcheater or custom-made 2019 Year 12 Springbank Secondary College windcheater or jacket
• Approved Pasadena High School summer dress.

Closed shoes are required at all times for Workplace Health & Safety reasons.

Discreet jewellery and makeup may be worn.

Sports and Physical Education uniform
Students are required to wear approved Springbank Secondary College Sports Uniform when representing the school.  Students must change for Physical Education.  Uniform tops are hired from the school for a range of sports competitions.  Sports shoes with non-marking soles are required in the gymnasium.  Tracksuits are suitable in cold weather.

Protective Clothing
Aprons are provided in Science, Technology Studies and Home Economics. 

T-shirts worn under the approved Springbank Secondary College polo shirt must be plain navy blue only.
Turtleneck clothing worn under the approved Springbank Secondary College jacket or custom made Year 12 windcheater must be plain navy blue only.
During cold or inclement weather, students are permitted to wear a plain navy blue jacket or windcheater (no logos).
No hooded jumpers are to be worn apart from the approved Year 12 official windcheater.
No black clothing to be worn at school.

If there is a problem with purchasing a uniform please speak to the Student Wellbeing Coordinator.

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