The Springbank Secondary College logo was created to capture the essence of our history, location and vision. The unique forms and composition create a memorable mark.

The range of shapes within our logo express diversity, with inclusion and community represented in shapes linking up and running parallel, symbolising community members working alongside each other.

Central to the logo is a sweeping river running through the site expressed through flowing lines on the landscape and its connection to the tradition land owners of the Kaurna people.

The leaf shape at the top left of the logo expresses new growth, and references windows of the Tower Art Centre located at the north eastern corner of the site.

The top right of the logo references the strong basketball culture of our site with the sectors of a basketball (ball) predominant in the shape.

Bottom left hand corner references RAAF plane markings to remind us of the site's unique history as a defense base in 1947 opposite the Repatriation hospital.

The bar graph shape conveys aspects of our STEAM focus with engineering and maths, while all shapes of the logo reveal aspects of environmental sciences (leaf), performing arts (spotlight), technology (connecting lines), pencils (graph) and a megaphone (historical reminder).

The overall logo is unique and contemporary to show how Springbank Secondary College is progressive, forward‑thinking and creative – we have broken out of the square!

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