Springbank Secondary College, launched in February 2019, has emerged from the strong foundations and histories of Daws Road High School and Pasadena High School following a significant renewal and redesign process.

 Springbank Secondary College

Springbank Secondary College launched in February 2019, forging the next chapter in education at this site.  Originally the site of a Royal Australian Air Force base, and historically the site of Daws Road High School and Pasadena High School, Springbank Secondary College is a unique small school specialising in flexible approaches to learning.

Springbank’s specialty is adapting programs to suit the needs of students to make learning challenging and accessible to all.  With the combination of small class sizes, maximum SSO support, and state of the art facilities, we endeavour to provide a broad range of authentic learning opportunities to prepare our young people for whatever lies ahead. 

We operate on an inclusive model where all students, no matter their barrier to learning, can thrive.  This approach means that the learning goals for students within the same class may vary greatly, but all are challenged and have the right to feel safe and included.   

Being a small school, there is an authentic sense of community where students, staff and families feel they belong.  This sense of belonging coupled with our extensive wellbeing and support team including external agencies, embodies the “village to raise a child” philosophy.   Springbank has strong links to community organisations allowing for proactive programs such as our Basketball Academy and Ice Factor program to explicitly teach the skills of being a positive and productive citizen through sporting activities. 

Students can engage in Vocational Education and Training to gain certification in various nationally accredited courses alongside their South Australian Certificate of Education.  This could be in the form of a short course, full certificate or school-based apprenticeship.

At Springbank we personalise learning today to create tomorrow’s citizens.  Our positive student-centered learning culture empowers confident and creative learners who are willing to dabble outside of their comfort zone and try new things.  The college offers a unique, small by design learning environment that I encourage you to consider.  If you would like more information, I invite you to explore the website and register your interest for a Principal’s Tour.

Andrew Dunn

Our vision: We are committed to an inclusive and engaging learning environment that promotes a culture of excellence and creativity.

igniting, inquisitive imagination.

igniting, inquisitive imagination.

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