Every day matters in the school life of a child or young person. Each day of attendance has a positive effect on their development and future success.

Do I need to notify the school if my child will be absent?


You need to notify the school of your child's absence and the reason for it. If you can’t do this in advance, send a text message or phone on the day or send a note covering the days missed when your child returns.

Who do I contact regarding my child's absence?

Contact Student Services on 8152 6800.

Do I need to provide a reason for my child's absence?


It is acceptable for a child to miss school when:
• they are too sick to leave the house
• they have an infectious illness such as gastroenteritis, chicken pox or measles
• they need to attend medical or dental appointments that could not be made out of school hours
• they have been granted an exemption from school
• they have been sent home or suspended from school for disciplinary reasons
• the school principal is given a genuine reason that prevents the child from attending school.

If a student is absent due to reported illness for 3 or more consecutive days, the principal can ask for a medical certificate.

(Department for Education)

My family is going on holiday. Do I need to let the school know?


A parent or guardian must apply for an exemption from school attendance if they wish to take their child out of school for a private holiday during school terms.

You must talk to your school principal to discuss your child's exemption. The principal will provide you with the appropriate exemption application form and tell you what documentation is required.

How is attendance recorded at school?

If your child attends school on time and is present at the beginning of the first lesson block they will be marked as present at school. This information is digitally recorded by Student Services at 9am.

If your child does not arrive at school prior to the first lesson block they will be required to sign in at the Student Services window using their student ID card.

The immediate consequences for being late and not registering their attendance at school, either by missing the roll being taken in the first lesson or by not signing in, is an automated text being sent to the parent/carer informing of the absence and requiring a reason for the absence.

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