We are committed to an inclusive and engaging learning environment that promotes a culture of excellence and creativity.

Inclusive education is a human right and it is supported by law. It means that all students regardless of their ability, or their social, cultural, community and family backgrounds must have access to and fully participate in, teaching and learning experiences together, and on an equal basis, with their peers.

ALL children are learners and ALL children are unique.

We are determined that every student at Springbank Secondary College will reach their full potential and that they receive the adjustments and support required to ensure that they are active participants in a high quality education. We do this by using the universal design for learning and creating engaging interdisciplinary units of work where students can access the learning at their ability level and engage in topics that interest or motivate them.

We monitor student progress and academic achievement by using our traffic light system and ensure that we provide support so that students are provided with opportunities to engage with, and to stretch their learning.

Collaboration with students, families and the community

We work collaboratively with students, families and the community so that all voices in the life of the student are heard and considered. We ensure that all students can access and participate in, ALL school activities, events and learning.

Committed and skilled staff

Our school leaders and staff are confident, knowledgeable, empathetic professionals who create engaging classroom environments that are welcoming to a diverse range of learners and promote a culture of shared values. As much as possible co teachers work in inclusive classrooms and offer an age appropriate personalised and differentiated learning program for each student. Staff meet regularly to engage in professional discussions around inclusive education and to discuss the latest research and successful practice that is occurring in Australia and overseas.

Our journey continues

As we continue our journey and commitment to becoming a fully inclusive school by 2025 we will continue to respect and value diversity, make learning accessible to all and monitor and evaluate student progress and achievement to ensure a quality inclusive education for all students.

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