$20 Boss

Year 9 Humanities and Social Sciences students engaged in a $20 Boss entrepreneurial challenge in term 4.

Developed in consultation with students and educators, the $20 Boss program is the largest entrepreneurship program in Australia providing secondary educators with the tools and frameworks to facilitate important enterprise learning. The world of work is changing and schools need to prepare students by creating opportunities to build valuable skills like financial literacy, teamwork and entrepreneurship.

Each student was tasked with developing a business product and strategy to generate income to repay a $20 start-up capital, an additional a $1 legacy fee and turn a profit to be donated to charity or used to further develop student learning.

The year nine cohort began by developing a proposal then pitching their business plan to an audience of business leaders and student peers. This was followed by a detailed written business strategy before given $20 to purchase resources to create their product and/or service.

The $20 boss endeavor yielded positive results with all students managing to offset their capital and legacy fee; some a little more than others, but certainly a beneficial endeavor teaching our students the value of financial literacy, teamwork and entrepreneurial creativity.  

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