Urrbrae Wetlands

Year 9 students took time out of the classroom to visit the Urrbrae wetland investigating the types of macroinvertebrates living in this unique environment including aquatic insects such as Water boatmen, Caddisfly, and Water fleas. They were also fortunate enough to spot one of the local koalas and an assortment of ducks that reside among the reeds.

Students also took water samples from 4 locations transitioning from the inlet at Kitchener Street into the sediment pond parallel to Cross Road, then on to the main pond and outlet. Tests that students conducted were to indicate levels of oxygen, temperature, turbidity (cloudiness or haziness), salinity (saltiness) and pH (parts Hydrogen). It was discovered that oxygen and temperature increased as the water moved through the ponds while salinity, turbidity and pH decreased. This can be attributed to the water reeds filtering out the impurities and providing clearer water as it transitions from pond to pond.

2021 Urrbrae wetlands 001.jpg
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