Student wellbeing and participation in their education becomes more effective when their ideas are listened to and their opinions valued. Springbank Secondary College benefits when students are involved in their own learning and the school’s operation. The Student Representative Council (SRC) at Springbank Secondary College is one structure which assists students and the school in achieving this ideal.

The SRC is a formal group of students, elected by their peers to represent them and their views. The SRC facilitates leadership and decision making by all students in the school. It is an important way in which our school can provide meaningful leadership opportunities for students.

The Student Representative Council actively canvasses a wide range of issues which affect young people within a framework which ensures that the advice presented to students is balanced and relates to school activities. The council is a neutral ground for rational discourse, and while opposing views are a natural consequence of gathering people together for discussion on matters affecting their future, this is all done in a unified forum under the observation of a supervising teacher.

While it is recognised that raising funds for the improvement of Springbank Secondary College grounds and facilities or in fact the donation to charity is a worthwhile endeavour, our school’s SRC focusses on the development of leadership skills and the meaningful involvement of students in school decision making, especially as we embrace our new entity and look to involve students in the decisions moving forward.

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